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My name is Nima Salimi and I am a mixed race, Iranian/Chinese interdisciplinary media artist and writer based in Toronto. I incorporates lens-based, digital mediums, and writing methods with installation, video, sound, and photographic materials.  Exploring digital methods informs my practice. Inspired by the organic patterns of the natural world in flux with a changing digital landscape, I am interested in how digitization can alter, expand and replicate physical reality. I look for ways to integrate these experiences in conversation with intangible methods, experimenting with the perception of time, space and memory in an expression and documentation of the existential nature of human subjectivity. Creating is an outlet for me to express myself in a world that is constantly changing.  Writing poetry / prose is a significant part of my process and I incorporate it into my work but it is also something I like to explore independently. Outside of my visual work I freelance write about art and am an avid rock climber. You might find me in the late evenings out and about at boulderz, other Toronto gyms and at the crag on a good weekend 😊✌