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Solve Et Coagula:  A Sculptural Exhibition by Esther Kim

Co-curation, designs, & photos 

Solve Et Coagula is an exhibition that encapsulates the process of transformation from material to matter both individually in each sculpture, unified by the physical experience and presence of multiple bodies in the space itself. The Latin phrase “solve et coagula” is derived from “solve,” meaning to break down and divide, while “coagula” describes the formation of bringing elements back together (coagulating) into a modified and cohesive higher form. The individual works with the presence of the viewer, represents fragments of the body collectively constructing a whole greater than its sum. Verging on the ephemeral notions of the physical human figure, the sculptural mediums solidify its permanence in the world. Solve Et Coagula is a moment to explore ambiguity and complexities of the human body and its relationship with an altered natural order.

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Exhibition Catalogue 

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