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A body blooms between barricades

GradEx @ OCADU

Installation, video, sound, altered found objects, embroidery

A body blooms between barricades is a threshold of being in-between the inside versus outside in response to internalized familial pain. In-betweenness is expressed with objects, screens, and sound that mediate between spaces in and outside of a house to reflect overlapping, shifting, and distant perspectives that are shared between bodies. In this context, ‘bodies’ is a vessel and a mask in layers; an internal landscape, a physical body, and a body that is replicated in structures we live in to protect a vulnerable state. The body that blooms between barricades is this vulnerable state; a vessel of emotions that slips further into hidden places.

Audio: contact mic against fabric, under water in metal sink & bathtub, piano melody recorded through bowl of water

Found objects: window, clothing, mesh curtain, door, camera lens (peephole)

Embroidered poem: mother in a window


digital photos

taken by Damien Oullette & Nima Salimi

35mm film photos

taken by Nick McKim